PHINMA Education works with industry partners to make sure our curricula are always up to date and highly relevant to the chosen profession of our students and graduates. Our industry partners also support us in providing them with internships and opportunities towards making their lives better.

Seeing Potential with Syntactics

“Before, I was invited to be a thesis panelist for the capstone projects of COC graduating students. Through that, we see potential students from the batch and we’re able to hire them. We still have one of the cum laudes from PHINMA COC and a couple more graduates.”

Carl Bryan Pontillas
is the Syntactics AVP for Operations. PHINMA COC has been a partner of Syntactics in various activities that aim to hone local talent. Their management representatives are active in skills development programs through webinars, and student and faculty internships, among others.

Exceeding Expectations with Pioneer Life

"Our trainees from PHINMA COC have been consistently exceeding normal expectations, demonstrating professional and ethical attributes relevant to the work-assigned, exhibiting leadership capabilities in situations being confronted by them, understanding the financial planning and portfolio management, producing good sales management, and performing quality work with fairness, integrity, respect, and excellence."

Ma. Josefina S. Villeza
is the North Mindanao Branch Manager of PIONEER LIFE, INC.

Preparing for the World of Work with Fligno

“Our CSR at Fligno (“Learn at Fligno” program) aims to help students and fresh graduates develop and enhance their skills. We want to prepare them for the real world of work by exposing them to the latest in IT. Fligno and PHINMA COC have been collaborating through student and teacher training, industry consultation, internship, and placement since 2020."

Charisse Laroda
is the HR Lead of Fligno, an Australian-based company with offices in Manila and Cagayan de Oro City. Fligno specializes in mobile and web-based software development, website design, and digital marketing among others.