faculty and Sog

Teaching with Knowledge and Compassion

"AU has molded me into a knowledgeable, disciplined, compassionate, & responsible professional and imbued me with the proper values that I needed when I joined mainstream society.  I am where I am now because AU taught me that the path to success is through hard work and self-belief."

Jaycris Agnes
one of our successful alumni from the Secondary Education program, is now leading our junior and senior high school departments as the Basic Education Principal in PHINMA AU.

Sharing the Fruits of Success

“My family is my inspiration for doing my best and wanting to succeed. My biggest dream is to be able to take care of them financially and physically by doing everything they could to give me a good life. I was once like a seed planted in this university. Now, I’m a full-grown plant. I can share my fruits with my family, students, and others in my own simple ways.”

Erica T. Isla
obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Major in Financial Management, in 2015. She underwent on-the-job training in the United States of America through their Exchange Visitor Program, obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and became a college instructor in her alma mater, PHINMA UPang.

Striving Hard for the Community

“In my experience as a teacher, I heard different stories from my students. I see myself in a lot of them, actually. I share my experiences with them, especially in my SSP classes. I tell them to strive hard not just for themselves but also for the people, especially their parents, who never get tired of supporting them. If they stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to them, just like what PHINMA AU did for me.”

Leonardo Sardan Jr.
was a PHINMA AU Presidential Scholar who graduated cum laude and became a senior high school teacher in his alma mater.

Empowering at Every Step

"I can't express how grateful I am to PHINMA Education. From nobody to somebody, they are with me. PHINMA UI is with me. Indeed, PHINMAEd is with me."

Ryn Jun Flores Abacajin
is a proud alumnus and currently an Enrollment Project Manager in his alma mater.

Connecting Meaningfully with Students

“My power is to connect with my students in a way that I make them feel that I really care about them, and teach them the knowledge and experiences I have gained here at PHINMA UI. I have the power to love my students unconditionally anytime and anywhere. I do all the best that I can to equip them with all the knowledge they would need when they leave.”

Christine Joy Delgado
teaches at PHINMA UI’s College of Management and Accountancy (CMA).