97% of college freshmen from PHINMA Schools are not prepared for college due to their economic state. They focus on helping with the family business rather than their formal learning. They are not used to city life or being away from their families. Because of this, their Math and English skills are equivalent to a fourth grader’s. A majority of them also lack or have no study habits. They also suffer from low self-esteem and self-confidence due to their limited academic skills.


PHINMA seeks to give low-income Filipino youth quality tertiary education by offering them a “Bare Bones, No Frills, Brass Knuckles” kind of learning that equips them with the necessary academic skills to prosper in a professional environment, despite their lack of quality basic and secondary education.

PHINMA Education studied various models and developed its own brand of 'bare bones, no-frills, brass knuckles' education based on the following principles:


Active Learning

Students are taught to learn independently and through practical training modules to prepare them for learning in the professional environment

The Student

Success Program

Empowering students is as important as developing their skills. PHINMA Education teaches students to work hard and focus on their motivations in order for them to succeed.

An Industry-Relevant


PHINMA Education continually develops and updates its course curricula to remain relevant across industries and ensure employability for all its graduates.

The Success Ladder

PHINMA Education equips students with more skills at every level so that they remain employable even if he or she decides to leave school.


Our graduates find consistent success in professional licensure exams and in employment.

  • Since 2004 when the first school was acquired, PHINMA Education has produced over 20,000 licensed professionals in the Philippines, attaining successful first-timers passing rates of 100% in 40 different board examinations with a total of 75 Top 10 board placers.

  • 81% of our graduates are employed within one year from graduation.

These statistics are reflective of our mission to improve the lives of underprivileged youth through accessible and quality education:

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