Investor Relations


Our Mission drives the business

By intent and design, we cater to the underserved market. We tailor our learning strategies to first-generation college students from low-income families who need quality education now more than ever.


Because we were able to serve the needs of our market at a time when the continuity of their education was most challenging for them, we were able to grow our network to the biggest it has ever been.

Working with Partners

Providing quality education to those who need it most cannot be done in isolation. We work with partners in both the public and private sector, all over Southeast Asia and the world, to reach as many underserved students as we can. We are humbled and inspired by the trust our students have given us. We will continue to invest in our faculty, improve our systems, and respond to the changing needs of all kinds of learners. It is our hope that one day, not only will every student and every graduate’s life be improved, but they will also be able to make the lives of others better too.

Creating a Global Alliance

Still in line with serving the underserved market, in January 2021 PHINMA Education spearheaded the first Education@theMargins: A Global Alliance conference, gathering education industry experts from several countries including South Africa, India, Australia, Finland, and the Philippines to tackle the widening gap in education, helping marginalized students cope with the pandemic, and using technology to provide solutions for marginalized education. It will hold the second annual conference in October 2022.

Activating our Helping Hands

Helping Hands is PHINMA Education’s outreach program. In mid-December 2021, Typhoon Rai, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Odette, struck the Philippines. As it has during previous calamities, PHINMA Education activated Helping Hands in the hardest hit areas.


Horizon Ed Cares is Indonesia’s iteration of Helping Hands. In 2021, the entire city of Karawang was flooded. We distributed food packages to almost 300  flood victims which includes students, employees, and families living near the campus area.