ABS-CBN News | PHINMA Education rolls out ‘tamper-proof’ digital diplomas in new normal

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PHINMA Education, a network of seven schools across the Philippines, is among the first in the country to roll out verifiable digital certificates for its graduates. Last June, 9,195 Senior High School and 3,377 College graduates became eligible for digital diplomas and transcripts of records (TOR) powered by blockchain technology.

PHINMA Education partnered with Edufied, a leading blockchain company in Singapore, for the issuance of digital diplomas and TORs. “These are not mere scanned copies but fully digital certificates that use blockchain technology to secure information,” said PHINMA Education Chief Operations Officer Dr. Raymundo P. Reyes. “This means that graduates’ credentials are accessible anytime and anywhere, as well as verifiable and tamper-proof. This is part of an ongoing effort to help our students and graduates adapt to the new normal.”

According to Dr. Reyes, all 12,572 graduates can start applying for jobs without leaving their homes by sending their credentials to employers electronically. Employers will immediately be able to validate their records via a QR code which dramatically shortens the hiring process. “They will also be able to download and print their digital credentials as necessary,” he noted. “There will be no need for them to physically go to our schools.”

In June, 2020 graduates started receiving their digital diplomas. The digital transcripts of records will follow this month. “We are constantly trying to find ways to make lives better for our students, and that includes keeping them safe while ensuring they can take charge of their future. We are staying true to this principle not just for our 2020 graduates, but for our current and incoming students this school year,” he concluded.

PHINMA Education Holdings, Inc. (PEHI) is the education services subsidiary of PHINMA Corporation, a Filipino-owned conglomerate with investments in education, property development, hospitality, and construction materials. PEHI owns and operates seven schools across the Philippines and one in Karawang, West Java, Indonesia.