Philippine Investment Management (PHINMA) began as an investment firm in 1956, and now has grown to become one of the most prestigious and reputable conglomerates in the country: the PHINMA Group of Companies.

The PHINMA Group seeks to make life better for each Filipino through our tradition of professional and effective management in various industries. Our current roster includes companies in the education, energy, financial services, hospitality, real estate, steel and strategic consultancy sectors.

Our competitiveness and professionalism helps give communities, both in and out of the Philippines, improved access to the essentials of a dignified life.

PHINMA Group will continue to demonstrate that private business can mutually serve the needs of society and the aspirations of shareholders, in the years to come.

PHINMA Education’s leaders are education advocates in their own right. They have all been involved in education innovations and reforms even prior to the formation of the company. They are:


PHINMA Corporation is a public company listed with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) under the trading symbol PHN.


PHINMA Plaza in Rockwell Center,

Makati City.


​Chito B. Salazar, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Daisy C. Montinola, CPA

Chief Finance Officer

​Raymundo P. Reyes, MBM

COO, PHINMA Education Network

Trissa M. Menardo

Assistant Vice President

Francis L. Larios​
Chief Academics Officer

Sebastien G. Foulc​

Chief Information Officer

Jeanette F. Foulc, MBM

COO, PHINMA Education International

Engr. Ricky R. Ruiz

Chief, Asset Management

Buen L. Bontigao

Marketing Director

Glenn R. Laigo, Ph.D.

Assistant Chief Academics Officer

Jhonadyn T. Gere

Senior HR Manager

Marlon L. Galvez

COO, PHINMA Araullo University


Mark C. Macaventa

COO, PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College


Christopher A. Tan

COO, PHINMA University of Pangasinan


Eduardo Y. Arevalo

COO, PHINMA University of Iloilo


Albert L. Gamboa

COO, Southwestern University PHINMA


Ana Cecilia S. Chua, MBA

COO, PHINMA St. Jude College


Emily L. Garcia

Assistant COO, PHINMA St. Jude College


Leerick T. Murcia

Assistant COO, PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College


Cheryl P. Chan

Assistant COO, PHINMA University of Pangasinan

Martin S. Perez

Assistant COO, PHINMA University of Iloilo


Sebastien G. Foulc

(632) 896-9537


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