PHINMA Education, by intent and design, caters to underserved students who need quality education the most. We cater our learning strategies and programs according to their backgrounds and resources, with the goal of helping them achieve gainful employment. Meet some of our students!

Lessening Financial Burdens

“Because of PHINMA Education, my parents’ financial burdens were lessened. I am grateful for the opportunity that PHINMA UI has given me to become one of its scholars."

Janelle Cordero
is studying Criminology at PHINMA UI.

Changing Perspectives

"PHINMA Ed's Hawak Kamay Scholarship is a great help for my mother and me, financially. It also taught me a lesson that changed my perspective in life."

Rhelyn Baldelovar
is studying Business Administration in PHINMA UI. She is a Financial Management major


Empowering Working Students

“To reach my dreams, I decided to go back to school while I was working. I did it with determination, hard work, and patience so I can finish college and gain a diploma. This is my initial step in achieving my ambition – not only for myself but also for my family and for my beloved child

Kiana Lopez
is studying Business Administration at PHINMA UI. She is a Financial Management major.

Studying to Give Back

"My family stood as strength and inspiration for me to reach my dream. They greatly helped me to finish studying. When I graduate, and finally achieve my ambitions, I will be able to help my family and give back the fruit of their hard work. I love my family. They were the light that illuminated my way towards achieving my dreams."
Carl George Epan
is a Bachelor of Science in Education student at PHINMA COC who majors in English.

Pursuing a Purpose

“It's difficult to be poor, but it's even more difficult to have no dreams. PHINMA University of Pangasinan gave me a reason to pursue my purpose. It provides high-quality education. I have been a scholar for four years, which I am grateful for. Obstacles will inevitably arise, but they will only serve as a test of how tough and determined we are to achieve our goals. Rather than giving up, let us be encouraged by our loved ones and God, who are always there to help and lead us. Trust that we can and we'll get the desired outcome; thus, let's keep pushing forward in reaching our goals.”
Ma. Theresa A. Vallo
studies Management Accounting in PHINMA UPang

Learning with Flexibility

“Flex learning is convenient, it pays respect to my personal time, leeway, co-curricular activities, and job opportunities. As a working student, it aids me to still conquer heights while working in my free time to support my study. There was a time that it was almost impossible for me to fit everything into my schedule, yet this system of learning saved me; with its decent subject distribution, the time frame for completing each, and the considerate instructors and teachers.

Lester Piad
is a Criminology student at PHINMA UI

Becoming a Professional

“As a full-time working student, I'm able to continue my studies at home at my own pace without fear of contracting the virus through the RAD Learning Modality. I am confident that PHINMA UPang will assist me in achieving my goal of becoming a registered nurse, as it did for my sister.” 

Mae Grace Gomez
is a Nursing student at PHINMA UPang

Studying through Unique Opportunities

“If not for the assistance given by PHINMA Education, and knowing that I came from a poor family, I wouldn't be able to continue pursuing the career that I'm in right now. The scholarship that was given to me inspired me to strive hard as this will surely help me achieve my goals and dreams in life. They've given me opportunities that not everyone has. And with that, I'll continue doing my best.

Madelyn Grace Pangilinan
studies Accountancy

Pushing Past Obstacles

“As a nursing student and a freshman entering a private school for the first time was not an easy journey for me for there are lots of problems that barricaded me to be in my position right now. Choosing PHINMA COC as my tertiary school was a great choice for I was molded up to this second semester with my course and despite experiencing different obstacles, the school provided me with new learnings that I can grasp and lean on for my future course.”

Jeremiah Luczon
is a Nursing student at PHINMA COC

Learning Safely and Effectively

“A simple advantage of being a flex student is having many options in learning. Having many opportunities that help students to know what suits their learning style. In flex learning, we have a very flexible schedule. During this pandemic, flexible learning is safer because we have an option which is an online class so students will not be exposed outside. It also has lesser travel fees because we don't go to school every single day. We are having online classes, but sometimes we do go to school.”

Rommel Tanay
is a 4th year Bachelor in Technical-Vocational Teacher Education at PHINMA RCL