Asian Breast Center, PHINMA Education Partner to Provide World-Class Training for Allied Health Students

Asian Breast Center (ABC) joins PHINMA Education in making lives better through education through a partnership that provides world-class internship and employment opportunities to Allied Health students. The unique experience exposes students to state-of-the-art breast cancer technology only available through ABC like the Molecular Breast Imaging and Thermalytix, which promise to change the delivery of breast cancer care in the Philippines.


“We are still two, three steps behind the United States and the rest of the world. We can do a lot more for Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and other fields with the technology and training we have. We can bring Nursing in the Philippines into the next century and help many women detect the disease early and mitigate its symptoms at an earlier stage. And we want PHINMA Education’s students and graduates to be part of that change,” said ABC President Dr. Norman San Agustin.


According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Filipino women face comparatively higher risks of developing breast cancer with 1 out of 4 Filipino women expected to develop breast cancer in her lifetime. PHINMA Education’s Allied Health students learn about the field through ABC’s training programs created in partnership with affiliated hospitals in the United States particularly in the East Coast (New Jersey and New York). Exposure to cutting edge technology and international standards give them an edge in the employment landscape here and abroad.


“We want students to have an understanding of the breast cancer field in an ambulatory center dedicated to the disease,” said ABC’s Transformation and Business Development Manager Leo Santos. “Our interns are well-rounded, with shifts both in the front office and therapeutic sections such as in surgery, chemotherapy, etc. as we require them to rotate across different settings. In a normal hospital, they would only be assigned to the Nursing desk, but here we encourage them to even scrub in and directly observe what’s going on.”


PHINMA Saint Jude College Dean of Allied Health Sciences, Jej Quiros, is positive that the partnership will contribute to student success. “Access to these technologies and techniques early in their careers will expand their horizons. This will also allow them to make the lives of others better, as ABC aims to make these life-saving services available to all women regardless of social class,” he said. 


A fast-growing network of schools in Southeast Asia, PHINMA Education has nine schools in the Philippines and one in Indonesia. In SY 22-23, its 30.4% increase in enrollment versus last year resulted in a 19% revenue increase year-on-year and consolidated revenues of P4.5 billion. By prioritizing student success with key partners like the Asian Breast Center, it now boasts a 79% board passing rate for first-time takers. In addition, 71% of its graduates are employed within a year of graduation.


ABC shares PHINMA Education’s passion for increasing the employability of graduates. “In the future, we hope to provide certifications in new technology and expand opportunities beyond Nursing students. Those studying Radiological Technology may soon be able to get their certificates in rare specializations like Molecular Breast Imaging and Thermalytix™,” added Santos. Students from other courses such as business, marketing, and accountancy are also being considered for internship and employment opportunities in ABC.