Torres Technology Center Corporation (TTECH) and PHINMA Education Partnership: Empowering Graduates for the Dynamic World of Work


Torres Technology Center Corporation (TTECH) proudly joins forces with PHINMA Education in a strategic collaboration aimed at transforming lives through quality education. As a trusted industry partner, TTECH offers an array of internship, employment, and immersion opportunities to students pursuing STEM, ABM, HUMMs, and GAS courses. Since the establishment of the program in 2018, TTECH has positively impacted over 14,000 students from 61 partner schools and universities.

Recognizing the crucial role of an industry partner in maximizing the potential of interns and immersionists, TTECH is committed to equipping them with essential skills such as personal effectiveness, collaboration, and critical thinking. These competencies are thoughtfully integrated into our course designs, aligning with the industry’s demands for a future-ready workforce.

Introducing our flagship program, I-Leap, where interns and immersionists embark on a transformative journey of Learning, Exploring, and Appreciating the Workplace. Ms. Verna C. Logo, Assistant Vice President of TTECH and creator of the program, shares the excitement surrounding this immersive experience.

Located within the Yazaki-Torres compound, interns and immersionists have the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the environment that over 8,000 dedicated Yazaki-Torres and Torres Tech employees navigate daily. This experiential setup exposes participants to TTECH’s industry management systems, best practices, and the organizational culture that drives success.

By observing and engaging with the practices of loyal employees from both companies, this immersive exposure promises an invaluable learning experience. It unveils the time-tested strategies and values that have propelled both organizations toward unwavering stability and growth.

Join us as we forge ahead, shaping the future of work by empowering students and cultivating a generation of skilled professionals poised for success. Together, TTECH and PHINMA Education are transforming the way graduates navigate the world of work.

PHINMA Education, a fast-growing network of schools in Southeast Asia, has nine schools in the Philippines and one in Indonesia. In SY 22-23, its 30.4% increase in enrollment versus last year resulted in a 19% revenue increase year-on-year and consolidated revenues of P4.5 billion. By prioritizing student success with key partners like TTECH, it now boasts a 79% board passing rate for first-time takers. In addition, 71% of its graduates are employed within a year of graduation.