DNA Micro, PHINMA Education Empower Cebu’s IT Students to Conquer a Rapidly Evolving Tech Landscape

DNA Micro joins Phinma Education in a partnership that aims to educate and train the future IT professionals of Cebu City. Through internship and scholarship opportunities, DNA Micro collaborates with several universities in Cebu, including Southwestern University PHINMA.

“DNA Micro, especially our CEO, is committed to helping and training the IT students of Cebu. Through these partnerships, we help develop the potential, skills, and talents of students who are the future leaders and innovators that will conquer a rapidly changing tech landscape,” said Ms. Anthea Larrobis, Vice President for Organization.

The internship program of DNA Micro provides holistic experiential learning for students studying Information Technology and other related college and university programs. With this, each student intern learns practical and real-world knowledge for their chosen field.

Meanwhile, the scholarship program is still underway as part of DNA Micro and PHINMA Education’s continued partnership. The program is designed to provide opportunities for IT students to study with a scholarship grant. It aims to motivate students to continue their education without the financial burden, allowing them to focus on their courses and hone their skills as future IT professionals.

“Farsheed Atef, DNA Micro Founder, and CEO, is extremely passionate about helping the IT community in Cebu thrive. He believes in Sugboanon’s talent. That’s why, ever since the company started and until now, he has stuck to working with the IT professionals here. And he will continue to do so in the future,” Robert Bona, Digital Marketing Manager, added.

Furthermore, DNA Micro envisions catering to more student internships, providing curriculum support on new technology and industry trends, and conducting joint activities such as seminars and IT talks in the future as part of its partnership with PHINMA Education, as well as other universities inside and outside Cebu City.

As a technology services provider, DNA Micro Inc. is committed to providing collaborative solutions to assist clients from inception to delivery and support. It offers innovative software solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients so they can continue thriving in the digital landscape.

A fast-growing network of schools in Southeast Asia, PHINMA Education has nine schools in the Philippines and one in Indonesia. In SY 22-23, its 30.4% increase in enrollment versus last year resulted in a 19% revenue increase year-on-year and consolidated revenues of P4.5 billion. By prioritizing student success with key partners like DNA Micro, it now boasts a 79% board passing rate for first-time takers. In addition, 71% of its graduates are employed within a year of graduation.